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ANCIENT CRAFT MASONS-commence their era with the creation of the world, calling Anno Lucis (A:L:) "in the year of light."

A:A:S: RITE-same as Ancient Craft, except the Jewish Chronology is used, Anno Mundi (A:M:) "in the year of the world."

ROYAL ARCH MASONS-date from the year the second temple was commenced by Zerubbabel, Anno Inventionis (A:I:) " in the year of the discovery."

ROYAL AND SELECT MASTERS-date from the year in which the Temple of Solomon was completed, Anno Depositionis (A:Dep:) "in the year of the deposit."

KNIGHTS TEMPLAR-commence their era with the organization of their Order, Anno Ordinis (A:O:) "in the year of the Order."

ORDER OF HIGH PRIESTHOOD-dates from the year of the Blessing of Abraham by the High Priest Melchizedek, Anno Benefacto (A:Beo:) "in the year of the Blessing."


  1. ANCIENT CRAFT-Add 4000 years to the common era.  Thus, 1935 and 4000 is A:L: 5935.

  2. A:A:S: RITE-Add 3760 to the common era.  Thus, 1935 and 3760 is A:M: 5695.  After September add another year.

  3. ROYAL ARCH-Add 530 to the common era.  Thus, 1935 and 530 is A:I: 2465.

  4. ROYAL AND SELECT MASTERS-Add 1000 to the common era.  Thus, 1935 and 1000 is A:Dep: 2935.

  5. KNIGHTS TEMPLAR-From the Christian era take 1118.  Thus, 1118 from 1935 is A:O: 817.

  6. ORDER OF HIGH PRIESTHOOD-To the Christian era add 1913, the year of the Blessing, B.C.  Thus, 1935 and 1913 is A:Beo: 3848

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